For a moment, visualize yourself in the driver's seat of a Chrysler 300 from Coronet Dodge Incorporated. Think about the performance features you will control from this seat.

Principally, you'll control the powerful sedan's engine. In its standard form, you'll enjoy the Chrysler 300's horsepower rating of 292. If you seek class-leading horsepower, you will find it in the available 300S V8 trim. This stellar setup gives you Chrysler's 5.7L HEMI engine. Its horsepower extends to 363.

A drivetrain carries an engine's power to a vehicle's wheels, and Chrysler gives you a choice in drivetrains in the 300 line. The Touring and Touring L trims come with rear-wheel drive, or you can opt for all-wheel drive. This AWD system gives you confidence, and it maintains efficiency by using rear-wheel drive in normal conditions. If traction slips, the system switches to an all-wheel footing and distributes power appropriately. Every 300S comes with AWD.


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