The ProMaster vans remain a more affordable choice for business owners who desire a capable cargo van. The vehicles have unique features that beat out the competition. The ProMaster's characteristics are also designed for durability. Reports indicate that with proper care and maintenance, the ProMaster lasts for hundreds of thousands of miles.

While most cargo vans have AWD or RWD, the ProMaster models available in Peru, IL have FWD. The weight of the engine on the front wheels increases traction considerably, which is important on wet, icy or snowy roads. The difference also creates a flat floor in the cargo area.

The crosswind assistance technology enhances control of the van when high winds are apparent. The system automatically stabilizes the van when sensors detect turbulence from the side. The feature is especially helpful given the broad side size and height of some of the van models at our Coronet Dodge Incorporated location.


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